Businesses and organizations are always changing - there is always room for further scalability and more features to be added to improve the business. One side of this, especially for firms in niches like construction and education, is improving the infrastructure of the company.

However, creating new office space or buildings is something which is expensive, in both money and time. To create new rooms and buildings is usually a long-term goal for most companies, but with the help of portable building teams, it no longer has to be.

Portabuild offer a portable building service which covers just about anything you could possible require. With experience in building portable buildings and re-locatable homes which have full customization based on what your organization needs.

This is not only a cost effective strategy to creating more room and being able to take on bigger workloads, but it’s a time-effective one too. Portabuild have put together a team of quality engineers and builders who can put together just about any property need you might have quickly and efficiently.

If space is the issue, then Portabuild can fit what you need into the smallest of gaps, with the chance of scalability at a later date when space is no longer such an issue. A huge part of the building industry is being sure you can trust the people you are working with, and Portabuild are not only fully qualified and build all of their products to council permits and guidelines, but they have created a pretty steady reputation in a business which many people are becoming more open to turning to.

With transportable rooms and experience in building lunch rooms, sleep outs, accommodation, offices, ablutions and classrooms, as well as other recreational suites, there is a lot of value in the experience of a company like Portabuild. Finding the right building team and getting the project done in a suitable timeframe and a good cost is something that is pretty much impossible at the moment in the normal building trade.

Portable buildings however offer an excellent short or long term option to creating more space and new rooms. Whether you feel like your home could use a little bit extra, or your organization could use new facilities to help bring in more clients or improve staff, then Portabuild is the way to go.

It is cheap, it is effective and it’s easy to upgrade and move around when you need to – this is not the case with a stationary building. Security is a huge part of this, too, and Portabuild ensure all buildings created are durable, comfortable and well-structured to maximize comfort and energy consumption. 

Industry is changing and if you are looking for a modern method of bulking up your space needs or facilities, then portable buildings is the right answer for so many reasons. Portabuild are, for sure, the most reputable firm in New Zealand for this type of work, with a catalogue of positive jobs in the past and a forever growing library of renovations available.